The Dome


Parents with little ones will be heartened to know that a play area has been erected within Cormorant Close †please let the children enjoy it responsibly and under adult supervision, as the CVPOA cannot be held responsible for any injuries.


We have a viewing deck in Heron Way that looks over the retention pond which is home to many different forms of bird life. Go and enjoy the beautiful sunsets while you watch the birds.

Century View borders a retention pond with the other complexes. We have setup a viewing deck with benches and tables for people to come and sit and view the various birdlife we have living in the reeds and on the island in the middle of the retention pond. Keep your eyes open for continuous improvements in this area including boards identifying the various species living in this pond.

To get to the pond from the complex entrance - keep left around the entrance circle and you will find Heron Way midway up the road to the left. The viewing deck is accessible from the end of this road.


There are many complaints forthcoming about undelivered mail to the complex, especially if the word Box appears as part of the address.

If you address your mail as follows it will reach you successfully:
[your post box number] Century View, Ratanga Road, Century City, 7441
E.g. 234 Century View, Ratanga Road, Century City, 7441


Please observe the following "quiet hours":

Monday †Friday: 22h00 †06h30 the following day
Saturday: 23h00 †07h30 the Sunday morning
Sunday: 20h00 †06h30 the Monday morning
Public Holiday: 23h00 †06h30 the following day, unless a Sunday 07h30

You are reminded that you are responsible for the conduct of the members of your household and all guests. We live in a confined communal space so please be considerate towards your neighbours †kindly be aware of the effect your behaviour and actions have on your neighbours.


Residents are requested to respect the property, privacy and proximity of their neighbours. When having a party, the courteous approach would be to inform neighbours timeously of your intentions.
Please ensure that music is kept to a moderate level and that noise levels subside at 10pm on weeknights and 11pm on weekends.


Many of our residents are animal lovers. However, dog owners need to be duly mindful of their dog's behaviour and show consideration towards the rest of the community.

Dogs may not:
- be allowed to roam free without being leashed;
- mess the common property and sidewalks. Owners are responsible for cleaning the mess up immediately. Please carry a plastic bag with you on your walks for this purpose;
- bark incessantly at all hours of the day and night thereby disturbing the peace of surrounding properties.


It is regrettable to need to put this type of information on our website †but unfortunately not all our residents abide by the rules of our constitution at all times. The vast majority of our residents are familiar with the constitution and conduct themselves within the rules governing communal living, for which the community thanks you.

In the interests of harmonious communal living, your co-operation in upholding the rules of our constitution is greatly appreciated.

Consequently a list of the most common types of infringements is set out below in order to raise awareness of the conduct that needs to be dispensed with.

- Aesthetics: preserve the appearance of the complex
- Building additions/alterations/extensions: submit plans to the Design Review Committee for approval
- Construction: observe the building and contractor agreement rules
- Dog mess: owners must immediately clean up any deposits made by their pooch in common/
public areas
- Dog roaming: no unleashed (free roaming) dogs permitted in common/public areas
- Exterior lawns/verges: keep well maintained
- Exterior paint colour: submit your colour selection within the specified colour pallette for approval
- Levies: pay on time every month
- Noise: observe noise restrictions
- Refuse bins: only allowed publically on display on collection day (Tuesday)
- Tailgating at boom: vehicles may not tailgate at the entrance/exit booms
- Traffic rules: standard traffic rules apply within the complex. Kindly abide by the speed restriction (20-40 km/h) and obey all traffic signs.
- Visitors: must abide by the rules of the complex. Kindly remember that you are responsible for the conduct of your visitors
- Worker registration: register gardener and domestic workers as well as when there is a change
of worker

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