The Dome

The CVPOA Board of Trustees is delighted to serve the interests of the community, but we kindly ask that you respect their privacy after hours.

Trustees are available from 8am ‐ 6pm on normal weekdays, and after hours only in cases of emergency. Kindly communicate all suggestions, queries, complaints and compliments via email (for record purposes). Each trustee has been allocated a specific portfolio of work ‐ please refer to the organogram below for the functions and incumbent primary and secondary trustee for each portfolio. The associated dedicated email address is also listed:


Chair Email Edwin Lee Pan
Vice-chair Email Rayan Rughubar
Finance Email Rayan Rughubar Fred Grunewald
Governance & compliance Email Preeya Ramjee Rholeen Jordaan Vasagan Reddy
Maintenance & Aesthetics Email Tamarin Smith Vasagan Reddy Lynette Stewart
Security Email Vasagan Reddy Duncan Groves Preeya Ramjee
Projects Email Assigned as needed
Design Review Email Steve Peters Rivaaj Mahabeer
CCPOA Email Fred Grunewald
Communication & Relations Email Rholeen Jordaan Edwin Lee Pan

Herewith the current CVPOA Trustee organogram HERE

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