The Dome

It would be fair to say that all members of the Century View owner's association would like to enjoy congenial community living conditions, especially if you are a resident member.

The Board of Trustees strive to make CV a pleasant and safe community for all, as mandated by the members, and to this end we need to have some standard rules and regulations to ensure good governance of our community matters to maintain our aesthetic and lifestyle appeal.

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The following rules of governance are currently in force with respect to:


The CVPOA is governed by a constitution which was duly put in place with the full support of all members. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the full contents of the CVPOA Constitution, as this fully defines the agreed rules and regulations set in place for the governance of Century View as agreed by all members of the Association. The full constitution (which includes Annexure B and C) should be read in conjunction with the CVPOA Rules and Regulations that detail the day to day procedures and conduct that are in force at any particular time.

Please note that the constitution and the rules and regulations are binding upon all residents of Century View, albeit owner or tenant.


Once you have decided to make additions or alterations or landscape changes to your property, you need to submit your building plans to the Trustees for consideration. Both the CVPOA Trustees and the CCPOA DRC (Design Review Committee) need to scrutinise and endorse the submitted plans prior to the submission of such plans to the Local Authority (Council) for approval.

The CVPOA Design Guidelines to Additions and Alterations (Annexure "B" of the CVPOA Constitution) contains specific items that address the submission for any change to the existing structure of any home at Century View. Notwithstanding the fact that the building plans must comply with the specifics as written in this document, the endorsement of such plans shall be at the discretion of the CCPOA DRC, with final approval by the Local Authority.

All site development plans, building plans and signage drawings must be submitted to the CCPOA electronically on . It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that the electronic submission has been received by the CCPOA. The Electronic Plan Submission Procedures sets out the full submission procedure.

Here is also a very handy CVPOA Homeowners Guideline for Plan Approval document that details all you need to know about the process of getting your building plans in motion.

The CVPOA Building Rules and Regulations is intended to ensure that the quality of life for the Homeowners and residents within the Century View precinct is not unduly compromised and the impact to the aesthetics of the precinct is retained, yet allowing for efficient integration between residential living and any construction activities. Consequently the contractor, the CVPOA and the property owner must complete a tripartite CVPOA Contractor's Agreement (Annexure "C" of the CVPOA Constitution) to abide by the CVPOA Building Rules and Regulations as described.


The CVPOA Estate Agent Rules and Regulations is intended to ensure that the quality of life for the Homeowners and residents within the Century View precinct is not unduly compromised, yet allowing for efficient handling of the sale or rental of properties, subject to the aforementioned protection of the image of the Century View precinct and the lifestyle of the Homeowners and residents.

Consequently the estate agent, the CVPOA and the property owner must complete a tripartite binding CVPOA Estate Agent Agreement to ensure that any potential purchaser of property prior to purchase or tenant prior to occupation be accurately informed regarding all aspects of the Century View precinct, including but not limited to, its CVPOA Constitution, Design Guidelines and all Rules and Regulations.


In accordance with the CVPOA Constitution all members of the CVPOA, whether owner or resident, are responsible for ensuring that their details are correct and up to date. Kindly complete the CVPOA Database Information Form whenever a change occurs.

In addition, in accordance with the CVPOA Rules and Regulations, all members are responsible for registration of their tenant, domestic employee and gardener for access control purposes. Please complete the relevant registration form whenever there is a change of information: CVPOA Tenant Registration Form, CVPOA Domestic Employee Registration Form, CVPOA Domestic Gardener Registration Form.

Return the completed documents to the Managing Agent by email, post or personal delivery.


In accordance with the CVPOA Constitution all members of the CVPOA are responsible for the actions of their tenants.

Members must ensure that their tenants are correctly registered by providing full tenant details to the Managing Agent for access control and record purposes. It is the responsibility of the Member to notify the Managing Agent immediately when there is a change of Tenant information. The relevant
CVPOA Tenant Registration Form needs to be completed whenever there is a new tenant agreement in place (either change of tenant or extension of lease agreement).

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